Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Bread Moment, Pt 2

I am now convinced that my other half is going to be a touch jealous that my bread is fluffy like a doona. Yes, Aldi’s Gluten free bread mix is heaven (or, could it just be that I’ve eaten so many rubbish versions of so-called GF bread that this tastes AH-MAY-ZING? Suspect it could be that).

Anyways… I'm still eating, all in the name of research of course. Had to force myself to stop because I'll be eating dinner in three-and-a-half hours.

And, HAPPY, to report that it’s yummy toasted and, if you slice it to a normal toast thickness, it retains its fluffiness on the inside and develops a slight crunchiness on the outside (the creme brulee' of breads?). Be careful however, because for some reason the top crust burns so just keep an eye on it when toasting.

Oh, AND, unlike other GF breads, you don't have to toast the hell out of it for it to taste like toast.

So, I had all my toppings ready in the GF test-kitchen (hehe), and tried it toasted with nuttelex and vegemite (tick. Yum), and then with avo and tomato (yum, again), then finally, hummous and tomato. Aldi hummous – de-vine.

Finally, before I conceded that I had to stop pigging out, I tried it cold and untoasted and – yum again.

The final test is – will it freeze well? Details on that, soon.


PS. I swear, I don’t do PR for Aldi!!

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