Sunday, May 22, 2011

The Crumb Factor

Breadcrumbs are no longer out of reach for Coeliacs or Gluten Intolerant types. I mean, good breadcrumbs, that is.

I've tried the multitude of GF breadcrumbs out there, but they're more like flavourless, crunchy flakes than breadcrumbs. Not only that, but no matter how much the egg is supposed to bind them, they end up falling off!

Since, I've resorted to pan-frying my fish as is (while my other half enjoys his fully-crumbed... no point in depriving him!) or just going without my beloved chicken or veal snitzel. Hey, I'm Italiana! I can't put up with that!

But, Aldi again comes to the rescue (still promise they're not a client). "Has No Rice Crumbs" are not only gluten-free, they have ONE ingredient - 100% natural baked brown rice. Nothing more! It's comforting to know there are no added preservatives or any intimidating ingredients only scientists or chemists know the meaning of.

Tip Top Krummies has 28 ingredients with many not drawing from the bread or wheat family! Too creepy for breadcrumbs!

I cooked up crumbed coated pan fried dory tonight, and it was just yum with my new Rice Crumbs. They are ground really, really fine so they stick really well to the protein, and don't flake off, and they've got a yummy crispy crunch. But, next time, I'll remember to up the flavour factor by adding some fresh finely chopped flat-leaf parsley.

Snitzel is now on next week's menu. Yum!

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