Sunday, May 15, 2011

The Bread moment

This post is: Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Egg-free and Nut-free (always double check ingredients in case of error though!)

I am excited beyond belief and I am declaring my love for Aldi Supermarkets. After trying several different types of Gluten free bread, and even attempting to bake it from a recipe (failed, miserably!), I just baked a loaf which took about mmmmm... less than five minutes to put together and only 40 minutes to bake.

All hail 'the Aldi'. Not only did I recently save $40 on my weekly grocery bill by shopping there for the first time on the weekend, within a minute of pushing my trolley into the store, I found "Has No Gluten Free Bread Mix".

Skeptical I was, but I just made it today and did the taste-test before it was barely out of the oven. I was hungry, and curious. It's no wheat bread, but it's DEFINITELY the best GF bread I've tried. It has that delectable crusty outside, and an inside that's seriously soft-as-a doona. I can report that it's delish hot, fresh out of the oven with nuttelex (great dairy-free alternative) and vegemite. Yum!

I haven't even let it cool down yet, toasted it or tried it as a sandwich but I will, and I'll report back very soon!

Oh, btw, it cost all of about three bucks, if that? (rather than the ridiculous $8 a store-bought loaf would cost).


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